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A wedding is a big-deal kind of a day - the day you publicly declare your love for your spouse and your commitment to them for life! We consider it a joyful privilege to be able to lead couples in that commitment.

Toowoomba Wedding Celebrants is a ministry of the Project Church Toowoomba and we are dedicated to giving couples the best start to their marriage. We want to support, equip and inspire you to treasure your spouse, enjoy them and honour your vow to them. We would love to hear how we can help you get started on your wedding day!

The happy day that you were born, was I
in some real way born too? Since we would mesh one day in marriage, was I already you? Was my
life yours and your life mine?
— Piper

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Each of our celebrants are trained and licensed ministers. They are down-to-earth, approachable and able to facilitate well. But why not get in touch and see for yourself?


Peter - a marriage celebrant with toowoomba wedding celebrants


I have had the privilege of being a wedding celebrant since 2013, and see it as a huge honour. It is the joining of two people in a rich, deep and profound way. I have been married since 2000 and love the way it has drawn me into a deeper expression of mine and my wife’s humanity.

When we love each other in marriage we become more of who we truly are. It is a powerful relationship for good - both in each other and for the broader community.

Col - a marriage celebrant with toowoomba wedding celebrants


I have been married to the same lady for nearly 30 years and have found it to be one of my life’s most rewarding adventures. Full of twists and unexpected turns, yet rich in beauty and fulfillment in ways I couldn’t foresee. I believe that building a strong foundation is essential for a lasting journey together and my wife and I thoroughly enjoy working alongside couples in the preparation phase of marriage.

I have been a marriage celebrant intermittently since 1999 and count it a privilege to serve couples as they plan and prepare for the unique wedding day of their choice and their future life together.

Matt - a marriage celebrant with toowoomba wedding celebrants


One of the things I remember about our wedding day was the way my wife glowed as she walked down the aisle. What a moment that was! Ironically, one of the things I didn't notice as much was how helpful our celebrant was to make us feel at home and relaxed - often I don't notice these things unless I have a bad experience. It's is a privilege to be able to lead a couple to join them in marriage - a powerful life-long commitment.

I've been married since 2012, and since have welcomed two kids into our family.


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